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I finally declare war……..

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

The war of my life had begun when I was born. Started by a stranger but I’m gonna decide how and when it ends.

I had lost many battles before I knew what was happening. When I realised what I am up against, I was shattered, gave up and accepted defeat, when death itself refused me entry into hell.

Wasn’t life supposed to be beautiful?
Wasn’t peace of mind the basic right of all living beings?

Confused and stubborn, I wandered thru some of the major battles in life till now. I have the scars – both physical and emotional to prove that.

But I’ve had enough of it now. I will not let fate or destiny defeat me anymore. It’s my life and I will define it from now on.

The lost battles don’t matter anymore. My goal is the ultimate dance of victory. To die with a smile.

So what if those close to me deserted me in this war? I get to keep the spoils all to myself.

So what if I don’t have anyone to share my victories with? I get to stand above them and laugh at them when I win.

Came to this world crying, grew up sobbing and whining and crying… well, that is not happening anymore. I will leave all the sobbing, whining and crying to those whom I defeat.

Now, I challenge God.. If he really exists…. Bring it on.. Let’s see who’s tougher.. Either way, I will always win in the end… 🙂


I have been thinking of blogging for a long time now. I get thousands of thoughts every minute. But have been unable to put them in words. Here, begins my effort to convert my seemingly random thoughts into words….

Though some of the posts might seem depressing/sad/suicidal, I am not expecting any sympathy or understanding from anyone… I’m just trying to reach out into this universe to find another one who suffers similarly. For only those who have experienced it can understand it..